How to avoid being disturbed on Instagram with comments and messages

If you are tired of spam, messages from anonymous users and receiving new followers in the form of bots, you need to take a look at the following guide that will allow you to keep your Instagram account free of curious, spies and interested parties. Do you want to know how to avoid being added without blocking anyone? Well read on.

Block comments on Instagram

Something you can start doing to avoid being bothered by anonymous accounts is to block comments. Through the configuration of your Instagram account you can define who can leave you a comment on your posts. This option arrives activated by default with the option “everyone”, so that any Instagram user can leave you a comment if you wish.

But if what you want is to limit the publication of the comments in your posts a little more, you should take a look at the following section:

Enter Settings, within your Instagram profile.

Select “Comments.”

Once inside you can edit the option “ Allow comments from ”, being able to choose between “Everyone”, “People you follow” and “Your followers”.

As you can see it doesn’t have much science. You can choose if any buy comments on instagram, or if on the contrary you only want those who follow you or those who follow you to do so (something like a Follow to comment).

You also have the option to directly block someone’s comments . The result is quite interesting, since once the user is selected, their comments will not appear in your posts, however, that person will see them and believe they are commenting. Very useful for trolls and annoying people.

To do this you just have to enter the option “Block comments from” and find the name of the user you want to block. This action will not send any notification to the affected person, so it will be a silent block.

Block messages on Instagram

Another function that the service is about to integrate is the possibility of restricting private messages . Until now, any user could send private messages to any account, and the only way to avoid it was by publicly blocking the account. Well, Instagram is working to integrate a new option in the message configuration section so we can define who can send us private messages.

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